Fall’s rolling in, and you know what that means—transition time. It’s a bit of a trickier transition than the springtime awakening, isn’t it?🍁 

The fall season means watching the zucchini and squash vines dry out and gardens become bare. It means pickling peppers and cucumbers for the chilly months ahead. It means watching the world around us and being reminded of the cycles of beginnings and endings in our own lives, and how we work so hard to preserve those precious moments, just like sun-dried tomatoes in those tiny jars. 🌻🍅

So, how’s your fall treating you, and what transitions are you going through?

This is the season to be a bit more mindful and create some extra space for yourself. With these changes, our bodies can get a tad out of balance, which isn’t great for our immune systems.

Eat well and pay attention to what your body needs, and how you consume your meals. Destress. Notice. Prepare your mind, your heart, and your body for the winter. 

Take longer walks and breathe deeper. Enjoy the sunshine. ☀️

I’m going to try to do the same. Last week was a challenge for me, and I’m going to need your extra prayers as I gear up for my trip to Croatia next Sunday.

Here’s what happened: Last Saturday, I was using a brand-new paring knife, thinking it was not as sharp as it seemed, and whoops, I sliced off the tip of my finger. This little accident is teaching me so much, and it’s shedding light on some of my patterns that I’ll need help with as I dive into these next few weeks.

Here are some takeaways that might resonate with you:

1. Don’t underestimate the things/ events/ relationships/ projects that are new to you. They might come with surprises that might hurt you. Be vigilant and mindful. 🙌🤯

2. Stop the bleeding and nurture your wounds – the ones on your body, but more so the emotional ones. If you are already going through an emotional time, be extra gentle with your heart. Reach out to friends, they will help you process, heal, AND grow in love through it. ❤️👥

3. You have ten fingers with which you can do a lot of things. Some of those things you can do with nine fingers too. It’s okay to go the extra mile even when you are hurt, but it’s also okay to set healthy boundaries and let others walk that mile for you. Even if that means you might not get exactly where you planned or desired to be. 🤝🏃‍♀️

4. Let go of expectations. Making a perfect breakfast doesn’t have to look exactly how you have it in your mind. Holding to expectations might create just enough of a distraction where you make a mistake and lose a part of yourself (and sometimes it might even be more than a finger cut). 🍳🙈

5. Don’t blame the sharp and pokey things in your life for your troubles. Focus on the gentleness and spaciousness of grace. 🙏✨

6. Don’t constrict your heart and mind under pressure; expand. When faced with the impossible, don’t contract; open up. Embrace love over fear. It’ll reveal creative solutions and bring you peace. Fear, doubt, pain, and hurt ego will want you to constrict – but there you won’t see all the beautiful creative solutions – you’ll only see a bleeding finger.

I played my songs with only one finger in the left hand and I noticed how the chords I was playing in this new way sounded more open and spacious, making more sound and not less. 🎶🖐️

7. Do your best and allow others to do their best too. Sometimes all you can do is to let the finger heal on its own – there is nothing more to be done. And sometimes you’ll find yourself really frustrated because someone else’s best will not feel like your best. Go back to 4. Let go of expectations. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

Breathe, go for a walk, notice the beautiful Fall around you, and know that all is well. No matter what, know that you are loved and supported. The bleeding will stop, and the pain will subside, even if you end up without a fingerprint (whoa there is such a deep metaphor here… lol). You are still whole 😉 

I recently listened to an excellent episode of “No Small Endeavor” with William Paul Young, the author of the New York Times best-selling novel “The Shack”,  where he talked about operating from a place of love rather than fear. Check it out if you get the chance. 🎧❤️

Alright, I’m off to practice my songs for the concert and give my finger a rest! Send me some good vibes for these preparations, and please hold a vision of me expanding in love (and setting good healthy boundaries) every step of the way. 

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