Windows are openings through which we see outside – while staying safe and protected in our little homes. Just like windows, our eyes, minds and hearts are openings. Is yours opened wide and adorned with flowers, closed because you are resting, barred for safety, or separated with a veil? Is it the way you like it to be?

I found these windows in Rab, Croatia. There, life (and windows) are different… inspiring!!!

When I returned to my US home, I thought how often, we make our homes perfectly air-conditioned so we don’t have a need to open the windows. We look at weather through the screen of our smart devices, not the glass of a window. We live in neighborhoods without sidewalks where no one ever walks by.

Similarly, our eyes, our minds and our hearts can become the same “insulated, sealed, tight and screened” openings, that keep our soul “safe” in a perfectly conditioned environment. We don’t allow the winds to sweep through our inner dwelling, we keep the chill of a dark winter morning away, we don’t let the sweet fragrance of rain in, and we don’t get to notice passer-byes or those outside who might need a glass of water or a kind word from us.

And it may feel uncomfortable and even costly to change these openings, and allow our souls to spill out into the world, but when we do, the shutters of our eyes, hearts and minds will never again hide the beauty of Life (storms and sunsets alike). We may be “bothered” by the outside noise, occasional drunk going home late at night, but we will feel a lot less lonely and disconnected.

PS. While in Croatia, we stayed in rooms with those heavy shutters, that are actually functioning, not just bolted to the walls as a decoration. It was so exhilarating to open them wide in the morning.


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