Every winter I promise myself that, once summer arrives, I will take it easy. Enjoy long breakfasts on my deck in the mornings, clean my vegetable beds each day and tend my flowers. Go to the pool with my boys and read books. Hang out with my friends and go to outdoor concerts. Take it easy and enjoy life – like Croatians do 🙂
And I do want to do these things! I really do…
Except when I have weeks like this one was – in which I launched a new project (it’s a new album I’ll announce soon), was a guest on the Zero to Travel podcast and toured two colleges in Chicago with my son Evan.
Since the point of my email today is to encourage you to take time to enjoy these beautiful summer days (even the stormy ones are magical), I will be very short.
Here is what I’ve been thinking about this week:
Doing the podcast (about my travel experiences) reminded me how travel changes our perspective and it can be truly transformational; but it can also be a distraction from ourselves.
I have always loved travelling – and it’s always been very important to me to build a lifestyle that would allow me to travel – and not just see the tourist spots, but immerse myself into the culture of the place I am visiting, learn from the people and, in turn, become changed in some profound way.
I became very good at ‘packing up’ and leaving when I needed a fresh start or a new perspective, or when life got complicated and overwhelming. But only when I finally stopped and looked at the baggage I was ‘packing up’ with me every time did I realize that no matter where I went, I would never find what I was looking for.
The journey inward is the most transformative journey we can make.
When we are intentional about it, travel takes us out of our usual routines and opens up space for us to make this ‘journey inward’ – to calm down, sit still and look into our hearts (and minds and souls).
So… if you take a vacation this summer – don’t over-schedule it with activities and ‘(dis)attractions.’ Allow the travel to do its job – to offer you surprises and hidden treasures.
I put my Croatian sea cruise together with exactly that in mind – to provide a change in perspective, opportunities to learn something new about our world (and yourself in it), AND leave you plenty of space for the gentler, quieter explorations.
I still have a few spots on the cruise left if you’d like to come with me! Our partner is Atlas Tours – one of the oldest and most reputable tourist agencies in Croatia and the region. Their fleet of boats is made up of the finest vessels – and Paradis (our boat) is built and owned by a wonderful family that’s been in the ‘cruise’ business since the 1900s 🙂

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