Let’s talk about that incredible blend of determination and looking out for number one – you. You know, that combo of going all out for your dreams while also giving yourself the TLC you deserve.

🤩 On one side, we’ve got the gutsy drive that pushes us to chase our grand ambitions – that’s the grit we’re talking about. It’s the kind of passion and unwavering effort that Angela Duckworth (the grit guru, and author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance) defines as “passion and sustained persistence applied toward long-term achievement, with no particular concern for rewards.”

🍏 On the flip side, we’ve got wellness – a fancy word for self-care. Think meditation, feeling your feelings, getting those muscles moving, eating well, and catching those zzz’s.

Let’s first dive into the gritty (pun intended) part!

Imagine this: it’s a Thursday at 4:39 PM, and I’ve just rocked the stage. Then, ping! A message pops up from my son, Blais. He’s all like, “Hey mama, I did my first show at Lucas Oil stadium!” I’m beaming with pride as I text back, “So proud of you!” and add a snap of my band in action.

You see, both of us had hit milestones we worked tirelessly for. But guess what? No medals, no awards, just the deep satisfaction of being part of something bigger.

The real reward was touching lives – shaking people out of their numbing routines, lifting spirits from negative news cycles, and stirring hearts to let go of stress in these trying times.

Blais was capturing the performances and the spirit of Drum Corps bands on film. Thousands of people made the summer of traveling shows happen, and his job was to spread that passion to thousands more through his lens. Me? I was unveiling a new show to folks who work their tails off to bring live music to the masses. Talk about grit, love, and faith fueling our every move!

But here’s the kicker: when you watch a show or experience something that humans created – that took a lot of grit (passion and persistence, love, and faith), how often do you think about all the meals that went into fueling the grit, hours of sleep in between (or the lack of), incredible support systems that were in place (the Drum Corp band Blais toured with traveled in 18 trucks and buses, complete with a kitchen truck and a bus converted into a medical office.

And so, when we set a vision and follow our heart with passion, we rarely make a self-care plan to support us through it.

Now, here’s where the plot thickens. It took me ages as an artist to get better at the self-care piece, and ages more to realize that self-care isn’t just about salad bowls, sweat sessions, and resting – it’s about nurturing our emotional health too.

During my showcase week, things got to peak intensity. I meditated to stay centered, but I forgot about processing the pressure and stress. Result? Exhaustion hit me like a freight train, and I snoozed off at 6:30 PM!

Here’s the twist: resting, journaling, taking long rejuvenating breaths in, and exhaling emotional stress was my ticket out. I laid down my worries and figured out how to tackle them.

So, as we set out after our dreams with grit, remember to give yourself some love.

And yes, even when life gets tough there’s room for self-care – you can find solace in deep breaths and staying present amidst the grind.

Whether you’re hustling or chasing those dreams, never skimp on self-care. Because when you achieve that goal, you want to be ready to relish it.

Oh, and if you’re vibing with this and can afford it, consider supporting the arts and artists. (Check out Patreon.com and pick some out. Mine is Patreon.com/WakingUp.) Otherwise, AI might just replace us – seriously, they’re learning too much and don’t need any self-care!

Stay awesome,
Tatiana ‘Tajci’ Cameron

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