How was your week? 
I hope that no matter what you are going through right now (hurricane, fires, illness, pandemic, financial hardships, etc) you ARE being supported and getting the help you need. 
I’ve been writing weekly newsletter for eight years (before that, I was writing ‘quarterly newsletters’ and mailing them to my followers via USPS) – and there has always been something going on.
There is always some kind of struggle (whether it’s personal, communal or global). 
Of course, there is always the beautiful, joyful and hopeful in our lives to focus on – which gives us strength and grace to deal with the hard stuff. The important part is to process the hard, deal with it, rather than deny it, numb or distract from it. 
These days, we are experiencing more pressure, stress and expectations, while finding less opportunities for connecting with each other. We are busier than ever and we often put our emotional and mental health off until we ‘find time.’ 
That’s a lot to handle. Many people aren’t able to find that emotional and mental health support they need.
And, as I wrote last week, there is still so much shame connected with opening up about our struggles (and brokenness). This is especially true in faith circles.
I coached too many people who believe that because they have strong faith, they shouldn’t struggle with conditions like depression and anxiety. There is still so much stigma and misunderstanding about emotional and mental health.
The motivation behind my work as a musician, writer and inspirational speaker is to provide encouragement, support and resources for emotional – and mental – healing. 

And I know that many of you on my list are passionate about reaching out to others and bringing healing to our broken world.


So… here are a few beautiful projects I want to share with you (that you can share and contribute to):

My son Evan Amadeus just launched a beautiful project:

Here is what it’s about: “Spreading mental health resources thru a design on a hoodie. It’s okay to look for help, and it’s okay to struggle.”
You’ve got to check out the website and if you are able to, support his effort through KickStarter. And please follow hi@inverted_smile Instagram account. 
His project comes with daily positive messages. Here is a beautiful one:

“You are loved. You are needed. You are not alone.” (:

His intention is to help his peers who are struggling – the way he did. Please read his KickStarter description – he is an incredibly courageous young man!
Then, take a look at the project “Friendship Bench.” A psychiatrist in Zimbabwe, who was overwhelmed by the mental health needs in his country, found a solution by training grandmothers in evidence based talk-therapy. Grandmothers sit on designated benches and provide counsel for free.

What a genius idea! It spread to several different countries and is now being practiced in New York City too! Brilliant idea!


Finally, if you are going through a difficult time, I am available to provide you with coaching support (I’m not a therapist, but I am trained to guide you through a process of identifying what might need extra attention, and what you can work through on your own with tools I can offer). Click this link to apply:



Tatiana “Tajci” Cameron is an award-winning music artist, published author, inspirational speaker, and certified transformational and spiritual life coach.

She has many passions and is dedicated to helping others while also creating an enriched life for herself and her three sons. 

When Tajci is not on the road performing gigs, she volunteers with local organizations dear to her heart, spends time with loved ones (often involving music!), and collaborates with other artists to bring creative projects to life.

Tajci’s most recent projects include a meditation CD, an annual retreat & sea cruise in Croatia (that she organizes and hosts), and a multimedia CD/book (Un)Broken: Songs My Father Taught Me.


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