On one of my walk this week, a thought came to me: “This is hard. Having to do so much alone.” As I ‘heard’ myself think that, I smiled and ‘answered’ back at my mind that “No, it’s not hard; just challenging. Let’s remember all the people in my life who are helping me.” (It’s like having two voices arguing in your head – and yes, it’s perfectly ‘normal.’) 🙂
In the past few months, as people have asked me how I’ve been, I tell them the truth – as a single parent, it’s hard to have to do all that my late husband Matthew used to do (he booked my gigs, managed our household and was very involved with the kids). And in the process of repeating it to different people, I created a thought process for myself that would ‘remind’ me each morning of my situation, and modify itself to a different degree, depending on how tired I felt.
Knowing what I know about getting stuck in this kind of thought process, I decided to consciously replace the repeating thought to this one: “It’s challenging. There is a lot to do, but I am not alone. I am supported. I am strong and I have energy to handle it. My strength comes from an unlimited source of strength. It comes from God, from the Divine, through the air and earth and trees. My strength comes from friends and family who love me and support me (I name each one of them, and as I do, I am filled with gratitude and renewed energy.)
I skipped home from the walk that day and had a wonderful, productive week with very little stress 🙂
And every time I feel overwhelmed and the old thoughts start coming, I pause, breathe and literally think the new thoughts.
So… how can YOU change the stories you tell yourself? How can a mindset shift – or a shift in perspective – help YOU to have more joy and peace in your life – and even feel healthier?


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