Music + Story + Coaching

for Well-Being

with Tatiana ‘Tajci’ Cameron,
music artist, author and
transformational  life coach

Follow Your Path Courageously

“The unforgiveness that fed my insecurities broke and,
where before I saw ugliness, now I unveiled beauty.”

– Tajci (Un)Broken


25 Gifts For Christmas

25 Gifts for Christmas is all about keeping the magic of the season! Much like the old-fashioned Advent Calendar, it reveals a gift for each of the 25 days before Christmas.

Includes: Daily Audio Reflections (with Access to exclusive Membership Area, a printable poster, and a companion playlist of 18 songs.)

Available in paperback (personalized, autographed) from my store, and on and Balboa Press.

25 Gifts for Christmas Book




A personal memoir about a journey from grief and emotional pain to healing and finding oneself.

One-of-a-kind blend of storytelling, poetry, journal entries, music and photography.

The beautiful pages are designed with a lot of white space  for you to write your story in…

Available in paperback (personalized, autographed) from my store, or hardcover from


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The poetry of great classics like What a Wonderful World, Over the Rainbow and You Must Believe in Spring will inspire you, and the music uplift you. 

Reflect on self-acceptance, relationships and creating more joy in your life through Tajci’s original songs. 

Real, raw and beautiful arrangements of classic pop/country/jazz standards that accompany Tajci’s memoir story about healing.


Check out my coaching page for individual coaching, group coaching events, retreats
and online course “Be a Rockstar of Transformation.”

Who I am -and- What I can do for You

I am a Musician/ Author/ Life Coach (thank goodness “slash” careers are finally a ‘thing’!)

Creating content that can help make your day better, performing a show that moves you, and coaching you through big life-changing times is what I love to do. 

As a music artist I won many awards, had platinum record sales, performed at the famous Eurovision Song Contest, and in many nationwide touring shows. But what drives me is desire to offer music to comfort you, pick you up, and make you dance and smile. 

Sharing stories from our lives is my favorite way of learning, exploring, understanding, and passing what I learned to others. I have published five books, and I write a weekly blog to inspire you and offer prompts for growth. 

Becoming a certified life coach made me a better mom, a better friend, and gave me tools to serve others in an even more impactful way. I love coaching creatives, and people who are in transitions to heal deeper, and live their best lives. 

I’m excited to support you on your journey!

Tatiana ‘Tajci’ Cameron

My dream looks like…

Let music+story+coaching help you figure out AND live your dream life. 

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