Tajci's Transformational Retreat and Sea Cruise

Croatia (Date TBD)


Registration opens up soon! Sign up for the waitlist to hear about it.


Spend a week sailing the coast of Croatia and rediscover how to live the life you are created for.


Your host, award-winning music artist, inspirational speaker and transformational coach, Tatiana ‘Tajci’ Cameron, will guide you in a week long physical, mental, emotional and spiritual detox.

About Your Coach

Hi, I’m Tatiana ‘Tajci’ Cameron, your coach for this journey. Most people know me as an award-winning singer, transformational coach, inspirational speaker, and author. As a mom of three sons and a full time creative entrepreneur, I handle a lot of everyday stress. Over my life so far, I also dealt with some pretty big stuff: I lost my husband and my dad to cancer; I fought with depression and anxiety for years; I experienced sexual abuse as a teenager and struggled to regain a healthy self-love and confidence. All those experiences taught me that the only way to heal and live with peace and joy is to intentionally get off of the spinning wheel of our repeating behaviors and thought processes.

My spiritual curiousity, my music and my faith journey, along with years of therapy, studying and training as a life coach led me to this passion I have to help others transform their lives – achieve their goals, create a change they desire, but also overcome fear and manage curveballs life throws at us.  Growing up in Croatia, I learned very simple but precious healing traditions, like the importance of sharing food and wine with friends, family and strangers; enjoying long healthy meals; breathing slowly and deeply; taking quiet contemplative time;  singing, dancing and laughing together; connecting with nature and bonding with each other and with God.  This is what I will be offering to you on this 8 day retreat. 

Registration opens up soon! Sign up for the waitlist to hear about it.


Organized by Cameron Productions

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