This past week I’ve been thinking about opportunities.
When we think of opportunities, we usually think of things such as getting a better job, landing more paying gigs or being offered chances to grow our skills and talents.
Often we are able to take really difficult situations and turn them into opportunities for growth, compassion and resilience. (My last mentee at the women’s prison was an amazing example of turning her sentence into an opportunity to do some deep inner work, heal and learn life skills that will help her build a new life.)
However, my favorite opportunities are the ones that present us with a chance to take a break, get a good night’s rest, and help us feel rejuvenated and renewed.
(As a reminder, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an opportunity is “a favorable juncture of circumstances.”)
I learned that, before I can enjoy the opportunities to work, I need to find (or create) a ‘favorable set of circumstances’ to rest and to nourish my body, my mind and my soul. If I don’t take care of myself, I can’t do anything else. I definitely could not see opportunities in hardships. 😉
This past week I spoke to the company from which I charter the yacht for our cruise and…
I am able to drastically reduce the price of our cruise and offer you an opportunity to experience something life-changing (as Patti, one of our 2018 cruise participants described it)!
I’m making some changes that will allow me to do that, because I want you to experience Croatia – its stunning coast and its culture that puts family, friends and simple joys of life first.
You will experience a deep sense of peace and calm as well as transformation that comes organically and naturally. You’ll enjoy great food, music AND we’ll spend time together in meaningful conversations.
Here is what last years’ cruise participants had to say about this experience (watch the video below):
A month ago John and Shirley Gasch (our 2018 cruise participants) hosted a cruise reunion. I was deeply grateful to see the positive impact the cruise has had on everyone. (These wonderful reunions are an additional perk to coming on the cruise with me!)
Here is an opportunity for YOU to experience beautiful Croatia, and visit all the hot spots at an affordable price. I did a bit of a research and found out that there is no other cruise that offers a similar package starting at $2,090 per person. Not even close.
I won’t be able to do this next year. So I hope you’ll take me up on this.
And please take the opportunities to take care of YOU first, to experience something that will help you reset the sense of overwhelm and enjoy more peace, love and abundance in your life. (No, it doesn’t have to be the cruise – you can do that by walking outside and enjoying nature, but if you are able to travel, the cruise is a pretty sweet deal!)

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