The word ‘Hope’ spelled out on a string of Christmas lights was the first thing I noticed last weekend when I walked into a church. I was there to perform an Advent concert, and I loved seeing ‘Hope’ welcoming people in.

What do you hope for?

Do you hope this Christmas your kids will be happy with their gifts? Do you hope you will be able to finish all your errands in time to catch a movie or enjoy a peaceful night by the fireplace you so beautifully decorated? Do you hope your lover will finally get you the present you really want (one that can’t be wrapped or boxed in…)?

Or do you hope this Christmas you will feel good enough physically, mentally or emotionally (or all three) to finally enjoy it pain-free?

Do you hope your boss will give you a bonus so you can buy gifts for your kids or groceries you need to make a nice Christmas Day meal?

Do you hope you wake up on Christmas morning and find peace, joy and love waiting for you?

I asked these questions of the audience before I began to sing at the church… I have no idea whether anyone in the audience considered those questions or their answers, but my hope was that they took the opportunity to reflect on the questions.

Hope is an expectation of something we desire over which we might not have any control. Because we were in a church, I thought ‘Hope is what we wish for and trust God is in control.’

Then I also remembered something I read in a scientific study:
‘Hope brings in the realm of possibility when we are dealing with great uncertainty.’
Sometimes just a moment of experiencing the change within – in our heart, mind and body – can become a powerful motivator in pursuing that change.

Sometimes a moment of feeling the way we want to feel is all we need to change our life’s paths: excited and appreciated because the kids love their gifts; organized and balanced so we experience more calmness and less stress; loved and safe in someone’s arms – these moments can become our motivators. Even a short period of living pain-free will motivate us to pick up healthy habits and extend the feeling of wellness. And a generous gift will give us renewed motivation and even be a kickstart to financial stability.

This weekend, can you be more aware of these moments that already possess what you are hoping to experience in your life?

Can you turn them into motivation to do what you can do, so that the impossible becomes probable (and not just ‘possible’)?

And then, can you trust that God (Love and Life) already has you wrapped up in grace and strength to wake up on Christmas morning (and every day of your life) with all the peace, joy and love you need?


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