I hope you woke up this morning feeling good. Good as in ‘grateful,’ or ‘peaceful,’ or ‘excited.’ Good as in simply ‘being alive.’
I hope you woke up feeling like singing and dancing your Alleluias from the top of your lungs. (To me, any song I sing with love for life is an ‘alleluia’ 🙂 ) I hope you celebrate today and tomorrow (Easter) and all the days that are past and that are still coming.
And if your heart is grieving and doesn’t feel good at the moment, I hope you are, for a moment, able to think of all the tiny life-giving cells that pulse through your heart, delivering nutrients and oxygen to your body… taking care of you even as you are down.
And if your mind is tired and overwhelmed, I hope you can, even if just for the length of one breath, find that stillness that feels like the open spaces of a calm Ocean underneath the sky on a cloudless day.
And if your body is overcome with pains and aches, I hope you are able to feel grace and relief moving between those hurting parts like a river between stones.
I hope that these tiny little movements help you stretch your arms wide (so your heart is exposed) and receive all the love that’s already there for you – in the air you breathe, in the sun that warms your skin, and in all of the Creation.
(OK… just writing that made me feel so incredibly alive… and grateful… and blessed… and calm… Even though my house is a mess and I still have to do some grocery shopping, and I can’t find my desktop covered with stuff that piled up while I was touring, haha.)
So, this past week, as I was coming back from getting my hair done for a photoshoot, I heard an interview with the French ambassador to the US about Notre Dame Cathedral. The ambassador was saddened, but also very accepting of the situation. (I thought of many old churches and buildings in Croatia that have been destroyed and rebuilt and felt this ‘old world’ peace about it… )
When the interviewer asked him about the cause of the fire, the French ambassador replied it was still being investigated, but that they believe it was an accident. The interviewer pushed a possibility of it being a hate crime or a terrorist attack because of the current world’s unrests… But the ambassador said something along the lines about how the media and social media always seem to try to make people think the worst, and create fear, anxiety, anger, sadness… when in fact accidents happen and we go on living… So why get all upset BEFORE we even have a reason to be upset.
I was so glad I caught that interview. The ambassador’s French accent, pleasant voice, and calm and positive attitude reminded me of an old saying we have in Croatia: Nigdar ni bilo da nekak ni bilo, i nigdar ne bu da nekak ne bu. (It never was so that it somehow wasn’t, and it will never be that it somehow won’t be.)
In other words, bad things have and will always happen, but life and people are resilient.
The more good we can focus on, the better our lives and our world will be. It’s a lot easier to rebuild a cathedral (or a life) with a positive attitude, acceptance and forgiveness, than with resentment, grief and anger.
So here is to a renewed Life – a new beginning that Easter is (and that every day, every moment brings).
Let go of what weighs you down, release negative thoughts, allow the grief and sadness of the past to move on,
and enjoy a nice long Easter meal with people you love (like the French… or Croatians do!)
Many blessings to you!


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